Pedestrian crossing for Oroklini Lake visitors - December 2014

In an effort to make Oroklini Lake more visitor friendly, the Department of Public Works after a request from the Game and Fauna Service and in cooperation with the Voroklini Community Council is undertaking works to create a pedestrian crossing on the main road that connects the Voroklini Community Council with the Larnaca – Ayia Napa highway and the coastal road. The works will also include warning lights for the crossing, a speed hump and wildlife/warning signs to ensure that drivers will keep to the speed limit which is now 50km per hour. The pedestrian crossing connects the bus stop with the Information Kiosk and birdwatchers will also benefit from it, as the pedestrian crossing provides a means for them to safely cross the road and watch birds at the east side of the road.

The works carried out as part of the LIFE Oroklini Project, are  important to ensure the safety of the public as an increased number of people visit the site, especially at the Information Kiosk, thanks to the LIFE Oroklini Project for the restoration of the Lake.

The works started mid-November and are expected to finish in late December.

Drivers are asked to drive responsibly. 

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