Management works at Oroklini Lake in progress (22/09/2014 – 31/10/2014)

As part of the EU funded LIFE Oroklini project management works will start on 22/09/2014. The works aim to improve the nesting conditions for Oroklini birds.

More specifically:

  • We are will be conducting water management works. These works will ensure suitable levels of water for birds during their breeding season (spring). The water management works do not aim at raising the water levels of the lake but drop them down when needed.
  • We will remove some of the reeds from the south compartment of the lake. Reeds have been expanding fast taking over ideal habitat for important bird species.
  • We will install an eel pass. This way we are helping eels migrate from the sea into the lake.
  • We will create a nesting islet at the south compartment of the lake, -if conditions allow. This will benefit important bird species.

 All these works will require the presence of some heavy machinery on site and the aim is for all management works to be completed by the end of October (2014).

Responsible for these works is BirdLife Cyprus - which is a non-governmental organisation working for the protection of birds and also the coordinating partner to the LIFE project. All works will be closely overviewed to ensure minimum disturbance to birds.

Contact: 22-455072, Melpo Apostolidou, LIFE Oroklini project Coordinator, BirdLife Cyprus

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