Infrastructure for visitors at Oroklini Lake - March 2014

Visitors at Oroklini Lake will soon be able to enjoy the site thanks to the two new infrastructures created on site, as part of the LIFE Oroklini project.

South of the Lake, the Game and Fauna Service has built a birdwatching hide. Currently the hide is missing the stairs as they had to be removed for some improvement work. Visitors are asked to be patient until the new stairs are replaced, around mid-March. The birdwatching hide will also include interpretation panels with information on which birds can be seen at Oroklini Lake during different times of the year.

The focal point for visitors is expected to be the information point built at the north side of the site, by the Voroklini Community Council. The information point is almost completed and by mid-March the Voroklini Community Council will hire an information point officer who will provide information to the visitors. The information kiosk includes an observation platform for birdwatching as well as an open exhibition area, where BirdLife Cyprus will place interpretation panels, later in April.

From the information kiosk, visitors will be able to receive information about the site and the actions of the LIFE Oroklini project. The information point will also open the doors for more awareness raising activities for the public as well as more educational visits with schools.

Already, many people have been using the observation platform enjoying the wild birds of the lake.


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