Water Management Works under way at Oroklini Lake - November '13

The Water Management Works are currently under way at Oroklini Lake as part of the LIFE Oroklini project. The aim of these works is to create safe nesting locations for the bird species that nest on site by creating nesting islets and by ensuring suitable levels of water during the breeding season (spring).

The works have slowed down a bit due to the heavy rainfall on Sunday 17 November, which has made things more difficult for the machines, which now have to work on a wet and muddy site. It is expected that works will finish around early December 2013, i.e. with a small delay.

The water management works are one of the most important conservation actions foreseen by the LIFE Oroklini project and they have a key role to play in achieving a favourable conservation status for the site. All works are being closely monitored to ensure that minimum disturbance is caused at the site.

To see photos from the water management works and their progress please click here.


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