The first conservation action of the project has been completed – January 2013

The materials that were used to build the flea market, such as premix, gravel have now been removed. The restoration works was one of the most important restoration works foreseen by the LIFE OROKLINI project and the operation was led by the Game and Fauna Service, the leader beneficiary of the LIFE project. The restoration of the area where the flea market used to operate is bringing us one step closer to achieving the project’s aim, which is to bring an ecological balance to the lake, to ensure the stability of the species populations and the qualifying habitats.

As part of the LIFE project, more conservation works as well as awareness-raising actions will take place to minimise the disturbance to the site. Such conservation works include the fencing of the lake and the planting of native trees and bushes at the perimeter of the lake (already some trees have been planted at some areas of the lake)

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