Acacias are removed from Oroklini Lake - November '12

In early November, the Department of Forests started removing Acacia bushes from Oroklini Lake as foreseen by the LIFE project ‘Restoration and management of Oroklini Lake’. Acacias are confined in the south east corner of the lake while the plan is to remove all acacia bushes from the site by the end of 2013. Invasive alien species especially Acacia bushes pose a threat to Cyprus’ natural ecosystems and compete with native vegetation. Acacias are very aggressive in establishing themselves, and well adapted to dry conditions resulting in taking over natural habitat and threatening local biodiversity. Removing them from Oroklini Lake is essential to restore the vegetation to its natural state while other wildlife will benefit from this action. Within 2013, the Department of Forests will also plant local shrubs that will be tendered for two years until they establish themselves. The natural vegetation of the site is halophytic which means vegetation adapted to saline environments. For the protection of its halophytic vegetation Oroklini Lake was designated as a Site of Community Importance (SCI) and included in the Natura 200 network of protected areas.

In order to avoid any disturbance to the birds using the lake all conservation works of the LIFE OROKLINI project, such as the removal of acacias, are carried out with caution and during specific times of year.

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