Information panels are erected at Oroklini Lake - October '12

Oroklini Lake and its rich wildlife are getting the positive profile they deserve, thanks to some new and attractive information panels.

As part of the LIFE OROKLINI project for the protection of Oroklini Lake the Game and Fauna Service, which is the lead beneficiary, has just placed three information panels around the lake. The purpose of these panels is to raise visitors’ awareness of the importance of Oroklini Lake and the activities of the LIFE OROKLINI project which started in January 2012. The three on site panels provide key information about the LIFE project and what it is trying to achieve, the importance of Oroklini Lake for biodiversity and birds and also information on the two key species, the Spur-winged Lapwing and the Black-winged Stilt. The text on the boards is in both Greek and English.

Getting to know our island’s wetlands can contribute to their protection. Why not visit Oroklini Lake and enjoy the birds of this unique wetland? Directions to Oroklini Lake can be found here.

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